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Application from Stephane1200 Empty Application from Stephane1200

Post by Stephane1200 on 17/12/2015, 13:20

Character Name:Stephane1200
Your old nicknames, other chars that you play / have played:None I'm faithful to my one and only char if that makes sense!
Age:Never ask a guy his age Very Happy...hint it's in the application form hehe Wink
Real Name:Stephane
Character Level:171
Character Class:SFS
Character Nation:Caps
Character Creation Date:2008
Honor (lv/%):12(56%)

What was your old guild(s) and your reason for leaving it/them?
Ans:This guild/Extended inactivity which is due to the fact that ladies and gentleman (I'm glad to tell you_ I've completed my MSc(Hons) in Mathematics and I'm also an educator now Smile.

Why do you want to join TogetherAsOne?
Ans:Had a good time before, expect to have a good time again if the same ppl are around.

Do you have any friends in our guild (give names)?
Ans:I suppose some might remember me, but given I've forgotten their names let's say no!

Do you share your account with anyone?

Your Cabal Story (when started and what are u doing since):
Ans:Started in latter yrs of high school and basically one just never quits cabal. Now I play for shit and giggles infact I've always been playing for shit and giggles. I can get serious at times, but I'd rather enjoy the ride. You know like Einstein said it's not about the destination, but the jouney Wink.

Did you read and accept the Guildrules ( found here: ): yes/no
Ans: Yeah!

After filling this application do you allow the GM and GA to see your set: yes/no
Ans: Yh, like I've said I play for shit and giggles. Things like that usually don't bother me though I won't run around showing ppl what I've got xD.

Do you know this dungeons including the quests
But then again youtube is our friend ^_^

PS: Merry x-mas and happy new year!

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