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Post by Admin on 16/2/2014, 01:33

Hello people,
Dear guild mates and people interested to join our guild,
rules are for proper control on the guild and to avoid any misunderstanding. In order to achieve this goal it is necessary that we all abide by the rules, as outlined below. Players who does not follow these rules will have their permission to use this forum removed. The rules must be respected and followed by everyone and always.

1. Language used in forum and guild chat
1.1 Speak English in Guildchat and on Forum.
1.2 Flaming, trolling ,etc is forbidden. You should not attack/provoke others into verbal fights, or create posts intended to cause unrest. This includes immature name-calling and personal conflicts with other members.
1.3. The use of language which is sexually explicit, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive is forbidden.

2. Behavior
2.1 Respect other people and their privacy, if they don't want to talk because they have a bad day, let them be, it might not be anything personal.
2.2 What is talked on guild chat stays inside the guild and shouldn't be repeated outside the guild or sent anywhere outside excluding the guild forum.
2.3 You should not PK (Player Kill) guild members intentionally. This also applies for killing people of different nation. TG is of course an exception of this rule, so don't worry about killing people in TG.
2.4. Guild chat and forum is in ENGLISH only.You can speak any other language out of the forum and guild chat.
2.5 Harassing other players is not acceptable. This includes the distribution, release or discussion of any real-life, personal, or private information both real life and game related about other players without their permission.
2.6 Hackers/botters/bug exploiting/scammers/macro users or any 3rd party program users will be kicked instantly from the guild.

3. Party rules and Dungeondrops
3.1 Drops must be shared equally, if not possible, you should roll for it.
3.2 Please talk within the party BEFORE you drop Tyrant Ring / Killian Ring / (non-)bind Dreiframe what you will do with it (sell / roll for it, what the member who wins has to give) to avoid conflict.
3.2.1 Standard Rule for Tyrant Ring drop is winner should give 300M alz to pt leader,which will be divided equally among the party excluding the owner of the ring, who looted it, unless the party agrees to something else.
3.3 Drei Frame parts (character binding 7 amp+) drop from MO is NOT FREE. The owner of the Drei Frame part (character binding 7+ amp) have to give 3x MO entries for each party member to the party leader who split the entries with the members excluding the owner of the item, unless decided otherwise BEFORE the run starts and accepted by ALL members of that party.The other parts below 7 amp are for FREE. The NON character binding parts are to be sold ,else if the party leader and the party members agree to keep it.
3.2.2 If you drop bind Dreiframe specific to a class, only the class should roll for it. (Example: FS part drops, you have FS in party, only the FS should roll then.) If there's no one of the class in party, everyone should be allowed to roll for it).
3.4 As far as possible, Trialmembers should not be given party lead. Preferably, if there's a GA / GM in your party, he/she should have the party lead.

4. Applications
4.1 Applications not in required format or not meeting the required English standard will automatically be rejected. (there's a template on the forum for it).
4.2 Applications must be written by yourself. Application posted by someone else or from another account will be rejected.
4.3 If you apply for more than one guild at once your application will be rejected.
4.4 All information on your application must be true and complete.
4.5 All fullmembers are allowed to vote for your application. The voting will be closed after 2 days and you will be informed if your application was accepted or denied.
4.6.We (the GuildMaster/GuildAdvisors) can reject an application without the need to justify ourselves, even if the applicant meets all requirements (the application is perfect).
4.7 Players having bad reputation on the server (as being Hackers, Scammers,etc.) wont get accepted here. (No need to justify ourselves).
4.8 Once an application is accepted/denied, it will be removed from public forum a few days later.

5. Trialmembers
5.1 After your application has been accepted, you will be trialmember in guild and on the forum for the maximum period of 3 weeks.
5.2 To judge if you passed the trial will be depend on votes and comment of the guild members. You will become full member once you pass the trial.

6. Fullmembers
6.1 All full members in TogetherAsOne should check our forum regularly.
6.2 If you are a member of TogetherAsOne and you apply for another guild while still being in our guild, you will be kicked from TogetherAsOne and you won't be welcome back anymore!

7.1 If you are inactive for a longer while, please let us know why and approximately how long, preferably on forum so we can check on it later again.
7.2 After being inactive for a really long time (1-2 months) you will be kicked from the guild, but if you are active again, you're welcome to make an application for joining the guild again.

8. Acceptance of rules
8.1 Being in TogetherAsOne means you accept those rules by default.
8.2 All applicant to TogetherAsOne must read and accept these rules before posting applications.

9. Warnings And Punishment
9.1 If a member does not stick to the rules, a Staff member will give him a warning.
9.2 If a member receives too many warning within a short amount of time, the member will be kicked from guild.

We hope you will all have a lot of fun and get along with each other.

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